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Stash Savvy

Wednesday, March 17 at 7:00 pm

Do you collect fabric? Have you organized your fabric by color, by collection, by project? What about the leftovers from projects? Or are you like me..."I know it's here somewhere"...and then get distracted by something else you 'collected"??!!

We are excited to offer an hour-long workshop with Lois Mease to give you some ideas to organize the chaos. If you are already disciplined and organized, this may give you some additional ideas for making your sewing room even better.

While the workshop focuses on fabrics for quilters, the process can be applied to most "stashes" - needlework, wool applique, threads, etc.

Registration: $20

Register for Both Stash Savvy & Color Confidence $30

Workshop Description:

Do you have a lot of fabric in your stash?  When you look at your stash, are you inspired to create something new?  Can you just grab some fabric and start sewing?    Stash Savvy is a system to organize your fabric so you can do just that.  You will learn how to prepare and arrange your fabric in a way that you can see exactly what you have.  You’ll know how much you have.  You’ll know what colors you have.  And it will be ready to sew. 

The Stash Savvy program, held on Zoom, will discuss and demonstrate how to care for yardages and fat quarters and how to simply make your own useful pre-cuts.  We’ll talk about how to store your fabric where you can see it.  And you’ll see lots of quilts that can be created using this system.  You will have an opportunity to ask questions, of course.  If you are close to your cutting board and some fabric, you may want to try some of the techniques out right away. 


Lois Mease, a quilter from Bethlehem, PA, developed Stash Savvy over several years while trying to organize her own fabric stash.  Lois' vision was to be able to go to her sewing room, grab some fabric and simply start sewing.  Now she spends just a few minutes after completing a quilt, sorts the left over fabric and makes some simple cuts.  It all goes into the stash – ready to use!

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Color Confidence

Wednesday, March 31 at 7:00 pm

It's World Coloring Day! What better way to celebrate than a workshop on Color!

Are you overwhelmed with the colors of threads and fabrics when you head into your favorite shop? Would you like to swap out colors of threads or fabrics to make your project more unique to you? Do you ever think that a project is okay, but not exciting?

Join us for an hour-long, interactive workshop to build your Color Confidence. Lois Mease will be joining us on Zoom to share her expertise on this important topic.

Registration: $20

Register for both Stash Savvy and Color Confidence $30

Workshop Description:

One of the common struggles faced by quilters is working with color. Most quilters haven’t taken a ton of art classes and, in turn, often lack confidence in their color sense, which makes fabric selection tricky! We get in color ruts, going back to the same few colors over and over, or we only feel comfortable making quilts from a kit, jelly roll, or a single fabric collection. Fortunately having an “eye for color” is not just something you are born with — it is something you can develop! 

In the Color Confidence program, we will study the characteristics of color – hue, value, saturation and clarity.  We’ll learn how to use each to create harmony and contrast in our quilts.  We will also discuss working with prints.  At the end of this program, quilters will have several new tools to help them confidently pull fabric palettes to create beautiful quilts.


Lois Mease is a quilter from Bethlehem, PA.  She’s been quilting for years.  A few years ago, Lois got a long-arm quilting machine and started “River Lawn Quilting.”  She named the business after the farm she lived on as a girl.  Remembering the farm brings to mind the values Lois seeks in her quilting and her business:  Beauty.  Comfort.  Simplicity.   Lois has recently completed training with Shannon Brinkley and is now certified to teach, “Color Confidence for Quilters.

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