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Sashiko Craft Box

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Sashiko (sa-she-ko) Embroidery first appeared during Japan's Edo Period (1615-1868) to fill a practical need for mending and strengthening homespun clothing. Eventually it was used to layer fabrics to create warmth, and even used to create a thick and absorbent fabric for fireman's coats which could be soaked in water before carrying out their duties. Our Sashiko Box will give you a great start on this fascinating and creative technique, which is similar to Big Stitch Quilting, and can be very relaxing...and portable.


Sashiko stitches are mostly geometric in design, created by a running stitch, and most recognized by white thread on an indigo background. Common motifs include waves, mountains, bamboo and arrow feathers. Modern-day Sashiko has become an art form, incorporating colored threads, different color backgrounds and applique.

Bundle #1 includes a Coaster Sampler Kit, thread, Sashiko Booklet, Needles, and Scissors.

Bundle #2 includes Bundle #1, plus a Traditional Design Project, add'l threads, and a Project Pouch.

Additional books and supplies available.

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