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    Half Moon Handwerks

    Sashiko Craft Box

    from Original Price $39.99
    from $34.99

    Sashiko (sa-she-ko) Embroidery first appeared during Japan's Edo Period (1615-1868) to fill a practical need for mending and strengthening homespun...

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    Half Moon Handwerks

    Knitting Box

    from Original Price $32.99
    from $28.99

    Everything you need to organize your knitting as we head into 2021. Make the Knit, Purl and Roll bag for your needles, track your ideas and progres...

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    Half Moon Handwerks

    Counted Cross Stitch Box

    from Original Price $52.99
    from $46.99

    Counted Cross Stitch is gaining in popularity again, with aided by designers offering free patterns and Stitch-A-Longs (SAL). The Cross Stitch Box ...

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